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Título : Effect of Dan Brown´s descriptions of monuments on readers: How effective are Dan Brown´s descriptions of Italian monuments to engage readers?
Autor : [s.n.]
Asesor de Tesis : [s.n.]
Palabras clave : Literatura norteamericana;Dan Brown
Fecha de publicación : nov-2018
Editorial : Colegio San Agustín
Resumen : “Inferno” is by far the novel that most impact has had on me ever. The popular character Robert Langdon returns to the game, this time he will try to prevent a world crisis, against a lunatic genetic engineer willing to reduce overpopulation. There is something that I have to emphasize, this is the quality of descriptions that the writer, Dan Brown performs and that contribute for this book to be my favorite. That is exactly what motivates me to develop this Extended Essay work: my objective is to establish the features of Dan Brown descriptive style, and analyze the effect and impact that this way of narrating has on readers. To achieve this, I will have to choose some fragments where the author´s style is clearly reflected; so that, after performing a deep interpretation of them, I could be able to come up with some strong conclusions.
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