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Título : The etymology and social impact of the word nigger on the United States To what extent the word nigger has become a symbol of racism in the United States?
Autor : 004727-0055
Asesor de Tesis : Riccio Ipanaque, Gisela
Palabras clave : Impacto social de la palabra nigger en la comunidad estadounidense;Racismo
Fecha de publicación : nov-2020
Editorial : Colegio San Agustín Chiclayo
Resumen : Do we know where the word Nigger comes from, or do we only use it because others use it? Is there a story behind this word in the United States? Will African-Americans be offended or attacked when they hear this word from white mouths? Or black people too? Did the use of this word not only bring consequences for African-Americans? In this essay we will answer this and more questions, the word nigger has become a controversial and even taboo word. In order to know the implications of this word in American society first we must know where the term Nigga comes from? I chose this question because of the constant racism and the recent events of the Black live matter march, I wanted to know if the word nigger had any influence as a symbol of racism. To understand the extent to which the word nigger has become a symbol of racism, I have analyzed its use in some media court cases, and through art in rap lyrics and comedy plays.
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