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Título : Influence of stereotypes in the Disney movie:Peter Pan (1953) To what extend the influence of gender stereotypes of United Kingdom in 50´, is significantly represented in the Disney move "Peter Pan" (1953)?
Autor : 004727-0014
Asesor de Tesis : Guzmán, Harold
Palabras clave : Influencia de los estereotipos;Igualdad de derechos
Fecha de publicación : nov-2020
Editorial : Colegio San Agustín Chiclayo
Resumen : “The Hunger Games trilogy” is by far one of my favourite stories or book series, not only because it had a worldwide impact on sales, but also because the adaptations of the big screen have succeeded in being one of the 20 series of highest grossing films in history. The incredible character of Katniss Everdeen comes to move and empathize with everyone through the challenges she overcomes, but at the same time she reveals the things that are wrong in her history, and how you are they transform a society completely, recounting it from her point of view, which impacts us because it is the thought of a 16-year-old teenager, which is very difficult to face. For all this, it motivates me to develop this extended essay, since my objective as a student and reader is to evaluate how a series of books for adolescents can address the problems that come to life in today's world, be it capitalism, inequality and struggle. of classes, in addition to detailing how books reflect current events, world and mistakes that they commit every day. To achieve this goal, my extended essay will follow a process of description, analysis of books, especially topics and how they are reflected in writing. Apart from that, compare how much the book resembles real life, and in doing so, see how influential it is and be able to determine the similarities with the issues I know the world is suffering from today, not just by making a comparison, but with data obtained from readers or people who know about the subject, and thus manage to measure how much the book can influence is people.
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