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dc.contributor.advisorGuzmán, Harold-
dc.description.abstractI really like horror literature because the sensations they convey to me when reading the books of this genre are very exciting. Among my favorite writers in the Gothic literary genre is Edgar Alan Poe. I really like the style it has when it comes to writing, using adjectives on the characters and in the environment it's easier to imagine the story, create our own image as if we were watching a short film and thus feel like you're really within history. For this research I decided to choose one of his works (The Black cat - 1843) in which I will analyze the literary resources he uses, the characters, among other things typical of him and how the way the story is told can hook the reader and transmit the characters of the story making us live a more vivid experience of their stories. Edgar Allan Poe is considering as the father of the police or terror genre for his wonderful works of this genre, such as "The Raven (1845)", "Tales of mystery and imagination (1839)", " Heart tell-tale (1843)", among others, with whom he was gaining fame, however, at the beginning of his profession, he did not have the full support of his adoptive parents, especially his stepfather, especially his stepfather, but this and poverty did not stop him from writing his stories. There were many things that marked his life, influencing his stories and the way he did it, one of these important facts was the death of his wife from tuberculosis in 1847, in addition, a time of his life was carried away by games and alcoholism. I'll give more detailed information about him later, which will help me perform further analysis. for this research I will take into account the book of "the black cat" as the main source, I chose this story since it is one of his best known tales, the plot is very interesting as well as the characters, especially by the symbols that he uses, in this case the black cat, leaving us pensive about what really happened with this cat, being a very mysterious and dark character, in addition, we can see a part of Edgar Allan Poe's life represented, the problems he had with alcoholism in his youthful times, which leads us to think if he wanted to represent how he felt about drinking a lot of alcohol transforming him into a totally different person. It is therefore very important to know ma about your life and do an analysis of every detail of the story.es_PE
dc.description.uriTrabajo académicoes_PE
dc.publisherColegio San Agustín Chiclayoes_PE
dc.sourceAgustinos Perues_PE
dc.source.uriRepositorio Digital Agustinos Perues_PE
dc.subjectRecursos literarios, Género literario góticoes_PE
dc.titleTerror in the story "the black cat" (1843) by Edgar Allan Poe How does Edgar Allan Poe create terror in the story "The Black Cat" (1843)?es_PE
dc.typeinfo:eu-repo/semantics/monographes_PE San Agustín Chiclayo. Bachillerato Internacionales_PEéses_PE
dc.subject.ocdeProblemas sociales, Delitoses_PE
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